Placing a Data Request

General Background

Release of WA-APCD data is allowable under established Washington state statute (Chapter 43.371 RCW & Chapter 182-70 WAC). The specific steps you must take to request data depend on which of the four WA-APCD data products you will be requesting. View information to learn about each of the four available data products and to learn about product pricing.

I. Formulate Your Data Request: Getting the Help You Need

An application is required as an initial step in making a data request.

Download: WA-APCD Data Request Application

Prior to submitting your WA-APCD data request application to the Lead Organization (LO: Washington State Health Care Authority;, please review all of the material contained in the Data Requests section of this website (i.e., Data Release Resources (below)). Be sure to consult the Data Elements page as you formulate your request. This will help you understand what WA-APCD data are available.

Lead Organization (LO) staff members are available via e-mail ( or phone (360-725-1598) to help answer your questions along the way and can provide assistance with:

  • Identifying the best ways to tailor data requests to make best use of the WA-APCD data
  • Understanding WA-APCD data privacy and security requirements
  • Calculating a cost estimate based on your request
  • Explaining the process by which your application will be reviewed

II. Review your Application with the LO

After you have formulated your data request, we recommend that you schedule a meeting with LO staff to go over the details of your application and other required forms. Prior to the meeting, the LO staff will screen your application to ensure that all fields are complete and that you are seeking the appropriate data for your project. Prior to, during and after the meeting, we will work with you to refine your data request application and other required materials to ensure they meet policy and regulatory requirements.

III. Complete All Data Request Paperwork

After you have finalized your application, you will need to finalize other required materials. This includes completing the Data Use Agreement, Data Elements Form and the Data Management Plan, if you are requesting a Data File Extract or Analytic Enclave product as those are companion forms and become exhibits of the Data Use Agreement.

Application Materials:

Download: WA-APCD Data Request Application

Download: WA-APCD Data Set Request Form

Download: WA-APCD Data Management Plan

Download: WA-APCD Data Use Agreement

Download: WA-APCD DUA Exhibits and Attachments

Download: WA-APCD DUA Checklist

Download: WA-APCD Analytic Enclave User Authentication Agreement

Download: WA-APCD Analytic Enclave User Access Request

Download: WA-APCD Release Upon Request Data Use Agreement

IV. Submit Your Completed Request

After completion of all relevant data request forms and attachments, email them to The LO will follow up to discuss any outstanding questions and provide a final cost estimate or confirm data-product fees. The length of this review period depends on the complexity of the request and the sensitivity of the data sought.

V. Final Steps for Approved Requests

If your data request is approved, you will be required to execute all relevant data release forms. Once finalized and signed by both you and all required parties, the LO will finish processing your request and receive payment from you. You can expect to receive your WA-APCD data approximately 30 days after a contract has been signed.


Data Release Resources

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