Washington’s APCD

The Washington All-Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD) is the state’s most complete source of health and dental insurance data. It contains claims from more than 30 commercial health care payers; the Medicaid program, including its five managed care plans; and Medicare Advantage, the HMO products for Medicare members. The WA-APCD has historical claims data for the five years, 2013-2017, and each calendar quarter, the most current claims data are added to the all-payer dataset.  Data from Washington's workers' compensation program will be added in Fall 2018.

Consumers can use Washington HealthCareCompare, the WA-APCD’s website, to find high-quality doctor groups and hospitals and to shop for medical services by comparing prices for common services at nearby hospitals, ambulatory surgery and other outpatient health centers. Others in the community, including health plan managers, consumer advocates, hospitals, physician organizations, business leaders and policymakers, can use this site to check cost and quality performance throughout Washington. The WA-APCD also provides information to evaluate the impact of health reform efforts to improve the affordability and quality of care, particularly among populations who are in poor health or cannot afford medical care.

In 2014, the Washington State Legislature enacted the all-payer statute (Chapter 43.371 RCW) directing the Washington State Office of Financial Management to establish the WA-APCD. OFM received funding to implement the WA-APCD from Federal Rate Review and State Innovation Model grants. These grants help states improve price transparency in health care —and work with the array of health care stakeholders — to improve health by transforming the delivery of health and human services. A number of other states operate all-payer programs, and more states are in the process of implementing them. The national APCD Council has more information about APCDs across the United States.

WA-APCD partners

Using a competitive bidding process, OFM contracted with the Center for Health Systems Effectiveness at Oregon Health & Science University as the lead agency to manage the WA-APCD. CHSE partnered with Onpoint Health Data and Forum One to implement the program. Together, these groups ensure stakeholder input in the governance of the WA-APCD, securely collect and validate data submissions, and make the information available and meaningful to  consumers, researchers, policy makers and other agencies and interested individuals.

Washington HealthCareCompare Consumer Outreach Resources

We have resources that you can download and send to others so they can learn about Washington HealthCareCompare. Click here to go to the resource page:  WAHCC Consumer Outreach Resources.