WA-APCD Data Requests


Washington State All-Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD) data products feature longitudinal data from 2014 onward, updated quarterly, with eligibility and claims data for commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage market sectors and includes over 54 million covered lives. A master patient index allows users to follow patients over time and across payers. Allowed cost data is available at the medical service-line level to support value-based care management.

Lead Organization (LO) staff members are available via email (apcd@hca.wa.gov) or meeting to help answer your questions along the way and can provide assistance with:

  • Identifying the best ways to tailor data requests to make best use of the WA-APCD data
  • Understanding WA-APCD data privacy and security requirements
  • Calculating a cost estimate based on your request
  • Explaining the process by which your application will be reviewed

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In managing the data release process, the WA-APCD balances the State’s interest in promoting public reporting of health care information with careful adherence to privacy and security safeguards and appropriate data uses. Release of WA-APCD data is allowable provided the data request is approved per the criteria established by the WA-APCD Lead Organization which is guided by the WA-APCD statute (Chapter 43.371 RCW), rules (Chapter 182-70 WAC), and the WA-APCD Data Release Advisory Committee.