WA-APCD Data Requests

WA-APCD Data Request Overview

In managing the data release process, the WA-APCD balances the State’s interest in promoting public reporting of health care information with careful adherence to privacy and security safeguards and appropriate data uses. Release of WA-APCD data is allowable provided the data request is approved per the criteria established by the WA-APCD Lead Organization (Washington State Health Care Authority) which is guided by the WA-APCD statute (Chapter 43.371 RCW), rules (Chapter 182-70 WAC), and the WA-APCD Data Release Advisory Committee.

The WA-APCD includes information about the insurance coverage for Washington covered persons -- their conditions and treatments and the cost and quality of their medical care. WA-APCD paid data products feature longitudinal data from 2013 onward, updated quarterly, with eligibility and claims data for commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage market sectors and includes over 4 million covered lives. A master patient index allows users to follow patients over time and across payers. Allowed cost data is available at the medical service-line level to support value-based care management. 

Multiple platforms, formats to fit user needs

Data and reports are available in multiple customizable platforms and value-added formats to meet client needs, including a cloud-based analytics platform, data file extracts, and standard cost and utilization formatted reports. View our list of data products or contact us at apcd@hca.wa.gov to find the WA-APCD data product that meets your analytic needs. 

Data augmentation features include:

  • Primary care attribution and medical practice reporting
  • Patient-level health status and chronic condition flags
  • A master provider table with all providers statewide

Data Request Steps

Requests for WA-APCD data start on this website. The diagram below shows steps to follow. Click ‘placing a data request' or other topics in the Data Release Resources section below to learn more about requesting WA-APCD data. Click here to download application materials.

View the log of current and past requests.

Diagram of steps to request WA-APCD data products

Data Release Resources

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