Rules and Governance

WA-APCD Rules and Governance

In Chapter 43.371.020 RCW, creating the WA-APCD, the Washington legislature gave directions on development of rules and governance structures to guide the implementation of the new program.


The Office of Financial Management was responsible for developing and finalizing a series of rules to implement the WA-APCD. HCA is responsible to developing and finalizing additional rules. For more information on rule development, please view the following rules document:

Governance Committees

WA-APCD stakeholders provide input on data policy and release processes through two committees specified in the WA-APCD statute (43.371.020). The Data Policy Advisory Committee provides input on how data are collected and maintained. The Data Release Advisory Committee provides input on data-release policies and protocols.

Committee members include representatives from key provider, hospital, public health, health-maintenance organization, purchaser, and consumer stakeholder groups, as well as from the two largest insurance carriers submitting data to the WA-APCD and the third-party administrator of Washington's uniform medical plan for public employees.