Rules and Governance

WA-APCD Rules and Governance

In Chapter 43.371.020 RCW, creating the WA-APCD, the Washington legislature gave directions on development of rules and governance structures to guide the implementation of the new program.



OFM is responsible for developing and finalizing a series of rules to implement the WA-APCD. The Office is developing rules in three phases. Phases I and II are complete, and Phase III is in process.  For more information on rule development, please view OFM's rules documents:


Governance Committees

WA-APCD stakeholders provide input on data policy and release processes through two committees specified in the WA-APCD statute (43.371.020). The Data Policy Advisory Committee provides input on how data are collected and maintained. The Data Release Advisory Committee provides input on data-release policies and protocols.

Committee members include representatives from key provider, hospital, public health, health-maintenance organization, purchaser, and consumer stakeholder groups, as well as from the two largest insurance carriers submitting data to the WA-APCD and the third-party administrator of Washington's uniform medical plan for public employees.