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How WA-APCD Works for You

Washington’s all-payer claims database (WA-APCD) has more than 100 million individual medical services - and their costs. This data comes from more than 30 data suppliers and includes medical, pharmacy and dental service claims.

Washington state has never had so much health care data in one place, and people have lots of questions about it. That’s great! Here is some information we hope will help everyone understand the value of the WA-APCD, and how it provides information that can be used by many different types of people.

WA-APCD FAQ (WAHealthCareCompare webpage)

WA-APCD Fact Sheet 2019 (2-page PDF)

WA-APCD Showcase 2019 (1-page PDF)

Washington State All-Payer Claims Database and Lead Organization biennial report - March 31, 2022

If you are a patient, family member or consumer…

The WA-APCD’s public portal is, and it allows anyone to look up local prices of a treatment or doctor visit and find quality health care nearby.

There is even a cost-estimator tool that is based on real costs. This information is based on averages, so the public can’t see any personal health information.

Cost shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing a hospital or doctor, so the website also helps you understand how to compare providers based on the quality of the care.


If you are a researcher…

Research organizations and state agencies can apply for access to much more detailed information. They sign written agreements about how they’re going to use—and protect—the data they get. This allows them to make more detailed study of how patients use the healthcare system, how much they pay, and how cost, quality and access might affect each other.

Here are some of the questions researchers are currently trying to answer:

  • What is the true financial cost of diabetes for different populations?
  • Do patients have different back surgery outcomes, based on what kind of insurance they have?
  • How can we stabilize the insurance market and ensure people are getting the best value?
  • How can we improve opioid prescribing and drug cost transparency?

Finding the answers to questions like these will help us build a more effective, efficient healthcare system.


If you want a clearer view of the healthcare system in our state…

Healthcare transparency is essential for improving the healthcare system so all Washington residents can get better healthcare at lower costs. How is your region doing, compared to others?

Visit here to see how well the healthcare system is doing in 9 different regions in Washington.

Visit here to see similar quality measures, but sorted by the type of health insurance people have.


What are we learning so far?

APCDs capture how much people actually pay for their healthcare services. Having all this data in one place allows researchers to look at variations in cost between counties, or how costs of a typical procedure vary, or what c-sections cost at each hospital in the state.

Seeing the variations in cost is an important step forward in understanding WHY healthcare costs more in some places and less than others. With that knowledge, we can work together to make healthcare more effective and efficient.

Clinic visit costs by county and median costs for typical medical procedures (2-page PDF)

C-section rate and costs (1-page PDF)

WA state facilities offering hip replacement surgery with quality scores and cost information (2-page PDF)

WA state facilities offering knee replacement surgery with quality scores and cost information (2-page PDF)

Total cost of care in WA state by legislative district due to price and utilization (2-page PDF)

This is just a sample of the insights possible.


Other Resources

WA-APCD Program page

Contains information about the origin and governance of the WA-APCD

Washington Health Care Authority WA-APCD page

WA-APCD program information, including rule making updates and other resources

Onpoint Health Data's data-supplier portal

Data suppliers can learn more about the data submission program by using the “Log-In” link in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. Suppliers should email Onpoint with any questions about the portal or log-in credentials.

APCD Council

The Council tracks the status of APCDs efforts around the nation.

Healthier Washington

Washington State Health Care Authority' Healthier Washington initiative

Washington State MONAHRQ data

MONAHRQ includes data on hospital inpatient care utilization, quality, and potentially avoidable stays as well as nursing home quality and a directory of physicians practicing in Washington.


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