Data Request FAQs


Below are answers to questions that you may have. Please contact us with any other questions at [email protected].

How do I request paid WA-APCD data products or reports?

You must go through an application process for paid data requests. The “How to Apply” section of Washington HealthCareCompare offers details about initiating a data request.

Where can I read about the Washington State rule and code related to the release of WA-APCD data to the public?

Release of WA-APCD data is allowable under established Washington State statute and you can find that information here: Chapter 43.371 RCW & Chapter 182-70 WAC.

Who decides who can get information from the APCD?

The Lead Organization (LO) was required by Washington statute to adopt clear policies and procedures for data requests and data release that include how decisions will be made on whether to grant or disapprove release of the requested data. The LO and, as required, with advice from the Data Release Advisory Committee, approve or deny WA-APCD data requests.

What paid data products are available?

The WA-APCD offers four types of data products. Learn more about the four types:

  1. Analytic Enclave subscription
  2. Data Extract
  3. Custom Analytics Report
  4. Release Upon Request Data Extract

What is the Analytic Enclave?

The Analytic Enclave is a managed, cloud-based analytic environment that enables secure access to the all-payer data, added-value data augmentation services and a set of analytic tools. The Enclave product, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is managed by the WA-APCD data vendor, Onpoint Health Data. Clients access the all-payer data via a dedicated, virtual private cloud. Each calendar quarter the most currently available three-month dataset will be added to the Enclave.

What kind of data will be available in the Analytic Enclave?

The Enclave product’s general characteristics include:

  • Eligibility and claims data – claimant service level data
  • Allowed cost information and proprietary financial information safeguards – provider de-identified or other masking of fee schedule
  • Provider master listing of facility and professional providers; includes primary care practitioner assignment to medical practices
  • Analytic tools (SQL Workbench and R-Studio) to organize and analyze the data
  • Data is refreshed quarterly with the most recent quarter of data

How long does the data request process take?

A sample timeline is illustrated here. Data requests including the release of protected health information or proprietary financial information must go through a 15-business-day period of public review/comment and review by the Data Release Advisory Committee (DRAC).

The LO will post the final decision for the request on Washington HealthCareCompare here.

If your application is approved, you will be required to execute all relevant Data Release forms. Once finalized and signed by the appropriate parties, the LO will finish processing your data request.

Who is using APCD data in other states?

Here are just a few examples of who is using APCD data. You can learn about state efforts by going to the APCD Council's website:

  • Businesses and other purchasers of health care services
  • State and local agencies
  • Insurance carriers
  • Researchers – academic, think tank, and other

What is a data use agreement?

"Data use agreement" or "DUA" means the legally binding document signed by the Lead Organization and the data requestor that defines the terms and conditions under which access to and use of the WA-APCD data is authorized, how the data will be secured and protected, and how the data will be destroyed at the end of the agreement term. The DUA includes the Data Request Application and the Data Management Plan as attachments.

What is a data management plan?

"Data management plan" or "DMP" means a formal document that outlines how a data requestor will handle the WA-APCD data to ensure privacy and security both during and after the project.

What is the Lead Organization?

The "Lead Organization (LO)" is the Washington State Health Care Authority, the entity currently coordinating and managing the WA-APCD.

What Committee work is being done to provide input on data policy and release processes for the WA-APCD?

WA-APCD stakeholders provide input on data policy and release processes through two committees specified in the WA-APCD statute (43.371.020). The Data Policy Advisory Committee provides input on how data are collected and maintained. The Data Release Advisory Committee provides input on data-release policies and protocols.

What is the comment period and who can submit a comment?

The processing of WA-APCD data requests that include the release of Protected Health Information or Proprietary Financial Information, require a 15-day public comment period and review by the Data Release Advisory Committee. The comment period for the WA-APCD is the 15-day period of time a data request is publicly posted for comment. The comment period allows the data providers and the public to review the data request and submit comments about the data release request.

Where can I view which data elements are available in the WA-APCD?

Available data elements can be found in the Data Elements Request Form.

In what format is the data released and how is it delivered?

This depends on the data product. Please see the Data Products section for more information.