Find health care quality information

Enter either a ZIP code or the name of a primary care medical practice – not both!  For coverage, choose "commercial" or "Medicaid." Then click “Search”

Insurance coverage:  For commercial insurance coverage, usually available through your work or insurance you buy directly, the "commercial"  menu option on the left-hand side is right for you.  For Medicaid, Apple Health Care coverage, available through the health plans sponsored by thee State of Washington, change the menu option to "Medicaid."

ZIP code search:  enter a ZIP code for your home, work or another location that is convenient to you to get health care services.  The primary care medical practices closest to your ZIP code are listed first. Scrolling the list shows all of the primary care practices with reportable quality results.

Practice name search: you can enter the name of a primary care medical practice rather than a ZIP code.  It’s best to enter a ZIP code for the medical practice location if you are unsure of the practice name.  Even if the ZIP code you enter is close but not the right one for the practice you can see all the practices by scrolling down the list -- practices are ordered by the next closest ZIP code.  As you move down the list of practices their locations are farther away from the ZIP you entered.

A medical practice that you are searching for may not be shown because:

  1. The website shows primary care medical practices only – surgical or other specialty practices are not listed.  Primary care practices can have a mix of practitioners that provide routine and preventive care including internal medicine, family practice, general practice, pediatrics, doctors of osteopathy, obstetrics-gynecology, preventive medicine, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.
  2. Medical practices with fewer than 4 practitioners are not reported.
  3. The practice had too few patients in the records available to the WA-APCD to have reportable results. 
  4. The medical practice’s results may be included in the results for its “parent” -- a medical group organization that is comprised of multiple medical practices.