Can't find a medical treatment or health care facility?

Can’t find a medical treatment?

These medical services were chosen because they are among the most common medical treatments or are services for which patients have alternative treatment choices. Consumers can get better health care value by shopping for these services – lower cost and better quality. Some treatments like chemotherapy or for certain conditions like autoimmune disease are not included on the website, because the complex treatments and lengthy care makes it difficult to calculate an average cost.  Specific procedures that may or may not be related to cancer treatment, like surgery (e.g., mastectomy) are included on the website.

Steps to look for a medical problem or treatment:

Enter the name of a health problem or treatment. As you type, topics related to your word entry will be shown and you can choose one. For example, typing in “back…” will show a set of back pain treatments including types of surgery, physical therapy, acupuncture, and more. Choose one of these services to see the prices at nearby health care facilities.

Can’t find a health care facility?

A health care facility that you are searching for may not be shown because:

  1. The website shows acute care hospitals and outpatient centers that treat patients for at least one of the ~85 medical services reported. Facilities that do not provide one or more of these services are not listed.
  2. The health care facility, for a particular service, had fewer than 11 patients in the records available to the Washington All-Payer Health Care Claims database (WA-APCD). A facility may serve many more patients but those records were not available to the WA-APCD.
  3. Only hospitals and outpatient centers are listed. Other types of health care facilities like urgent care centers, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation centers are not included. Specialty hospitals – like psychiatric, children’s, and Veterans Administration (VA) facilities – also are not listed.